Adorable Pet Photos


Humans love their pets in the same way they love their children and maybe because of that we always like to take pictures of our pets and get them framed. But taking pictures of our loved ones may not be that easy because pets have no idea what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera! Here are some tips that will help you to get the most of your photo session

1. Use Natural Light:

The best possible way to take a picture of your pet is by using natural light. Try avoiding the flash as it can frighten the animal. You can go outdoors or, you can also use a room well lit by a large window.

2. Keep the Eyes Sharp

It is important to have sharp eyes in portrait photography and make sure of the fact that you focus on your pet’s eyes as they can be very expressive.

3. Go to Them

Above all it is very important to note that you do not make your pet feel ill at ease so without forcing them to come to you it is better if you approach them. Do not take the picture of your pet from above. Always try to bend your knees or lie on your belly and get down to his level. Remember to click from his eye leveled surface or below.

4. Give Value to their Character

You understand your pet better than anyone else. If you have a lazy dog then show him yawning or if your pet is an energetic type then you can shoot a playful image of him.

5. Go Macro

Don’t click the picture of your pet with whole lot surroundings around. Focus on its face and fur; this can make a beautiful animal portrait.

6. Surprise them

It is very difficult to let your pet hold still or let them pose for the shot. What you can do is to let him remain all by himself and then ask someone to call for him or make a whistle. This can make your pet get a bit distracted and surprise him. Then you can easily take a nice and alert picture of his.

7. Schedule your Session

Remember your pet is like a baby and you have to treat it with the same kind of care. So you see, he/she has no idea what photography is and you are going for something formal and poised, better schedule it at a time when your pet is a little drowsy and won’t jump around too much.

8. Be Patient

A lot of patience is required for pet photography. If you are patient enough then it will also make your furry friend remain calm and quiet and that’s how you can afford to get a decent shot.

9. Experiment

Try to click the pictures of your pet from different angles and positions. Don’t be in a hurry, do take your time and shoot a lot. You can worry about the results later.

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